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In Apple’s TV commercials for Face Time, long-distance couples laugh, cry, and smile adoringly as they video chat on their i Pads and i Phones.

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A prototype version we’ve tested very accurately created the illusion of eye contact and made video chatting a lot more engaging.

It works a lot like a teleprompter, but with some added tech, since reflecting images accurately is more complicated than reflecting text from a speech or lines from a news story.

"We learned that video chat was going to be wireless, but never going to be mobile," says Giraldo.

"Nobody is going to be walking down the street holding up their hand.

Kickstarter backers will receive the device sooner for $99.99.

While the e Teleporter looks gimmicky, it’s inexpensive, easy to use, and reasonably unobtrusive.

Some residual quality is lost in the mirroring process, but arguably not as much as you lose by eliminating all eye contact with your partner.

Prompt Video’s Hernan Giraldo, whose day job is Vice President of National Sales for Alcatel-Lucent, has been toying with the idea of better video chatting for years.

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