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This gave him a chance to prove himself and motivation to work hard to reach his desired goal.

In 2003 his role as Darren Lemming in Take me out earned him Theatre World Award and also two nominations for receiving Tony Award for best performance by a featured actor and Drama Desk award for outstanding actor. Laterin 2004 his TV show “Rescue Me” caused him to become more famous than ever.

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He changes his numbers and he peaces out so no one can tell him they art hurt or he stole from them.

He go on all the fan sites posting as fans saying he is hot sexy and the most talented.

Daniel is multi ethnic, as his biological parents were biracial (his father was black and mother was white); his adoptive parents are Irish and Italian-German. The middle name “Sunjata”, meaning “hungry lion”, is given to him by his adoptive parents after the African king who created the empire of Mali.

Although he never met his biological parents, his feelings about them are not hostile.

But in my head, I've had an English bulldog named Banksy one of those so ugly that they're cute. For me, it's like a bad review — and I've had plenty of those so I'm good.13. Who would be a scarier boss, Miranda Priestly or Paul Briggs?

I mean I love dogs and cats, and I've had both, but right now I'm about a hair's breadth away from adopting a frenchie.9. I don't know, I'm gonna let the dog name itself according to its personality. The fallout for a bad performance as an undercover narcotics agent is probably death if the person you're dealing with doesn't believe you. I'm pretty sure it'd be harder to be tortured than to be the torturer though I can't imagine that either variables in that equation can walk away with all of their humanity intact.20.He spends his money on drugs.- Daniel Sunjata tells the women and men he picks up that he is a nice,political, religious man. Woulda honest good man lie or cheat on his girlfriend or to hundreds of women? Or not see their grankid because of a wanting to be a sexy lead man.Answer f*cking Hellll No.-Daniel the worst kind of dog and player and is goes around sleeping with men onthe DL and many women.Although he has dated countless girls, he is yet not seemed to be interested in marrying someone.Even at this age he is more focused on his career and does not want to divert his attention. attering when someone walks up to me and says, ‘I saw you in Take Me Out, and I thought it was a brilliant play.’ That is more ?He tells the other women he dates behind their back to his friends their his "h**s". She is the dumbest woman alive and when the girls come and tell Rosalba that Dan has been their boyfriend Dan tells them they are fake people. This is not nice or good or decent He has one apartment with her in Harlem, but he has another house wherehe takes the girls and boys he is dating so he thinks hes single.- Don't ever leave anything at Daniel's house when he invited you therto f**ck him. Many women come to his fan site lookingfor him, if you want to meet the others or hear their stories just ask on his fan site and get the truth.

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