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I'm weak in my knees; elbows up, she's aiming to please and he's...

Her hair was harvest blonde, her mane lustrous and well looked after. I posted a story to this site a couple of years ago and I wanted to post the revised (and hopefully better) version of my first Interracial story today, that I've been working on for a while.

She had pretty jade green eyes and a figure that could have got her work on the catwalk. She said quietly, but firmly on the phone, ' I know that you bitch your husband. This story, which is fairly lengthy, and most others that I may post in the future will typically deal with married or soon-to-be married young white women and primarily older black men.

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It contains dark themes of Black supremacy, coercion, snuff, and abortion.

If that sound unappealing to you, don’t fucking read it.

If you are uncomfortable with this subject matter or are just not into this type of thing, I would like to warn you beforehand that they may be a bit too...

This is a story based on a concept called Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal , thought up by Imagefap user Pervy Pencil .

I was home alone that evening because my wife, Nicole, was attending her weekly Bible studies at a church across town. Carol his wife had booked them in a week in advance of when she was due to ovulate and it had become a three week stay.

I had never been a religious sort of person, in contrast to Nicole, who had been raised in a fundamentalist religion that I often thought of as little more than a cult. She needed a beautiful, a perfect kid, a product of the mixed gene pool, handsome and arrogant black male and discerning white female.Welcome to the latest version of The Dark Wanderer! Fat bouncing ass cheeks, whats inside get fucked like a glove. Then Roy sniffs and he licks up the mess that oozes out.We are still putting the final touches on the website, but everything works great right now (as far as we know) and we're ready to get back to the mission. That's a pretty close up encounter with how a fuck should be isn't it?VWD Honeymoon All through high school Angelina and Sam were the “it couple.” She was a seriously stacked redhead and Salutatorian for her graduating class, and Sam was a blonde, blue-eyed all-american football star.By Senior year Sam had a full-ride scholarship to Duke University, and Angelina could get into any... The more your lover takes over, on the fucking front, dominating everything, the more your husband's winky dries up.

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