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County Donegal, on the northwest, was recently voted by National Geographic as ‘the coolest place on earth’ and has gotten great recognition for outdoor adventure sports so that’s high on our list of places in Ireland to visit.

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) it can be much more affordable than a Dublin hotel, so check out Dublin airbnb listings as well.The space is brilliantly designed in a industrial chic vibe, with exposed brick beams and original stonework.You can book a private bedroom and still make new friends in Generator’s many social lounges & spaces.The Republic of Ireland has 2 main regions that are popular for first time visitors: and made the decision to skip Northern Ireland on this trip so it’s not included in this article.Northern Ireland itineraries frequently include a tour of Giant’s Causeway, the dark hedges and lots of the Game of Throne locations. While the country wasn’t necessarily at the top of my list, a work opportunity in Killarney popped up and I jumped at the chance to stick around after to explore the country. The natural scenery, food and hospitality of Ireland really stuck with me.

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