Dating chanel costume jewelry

2) Lack of Marks – Many Chanel fake earrings have a CC logo somewhere in the design visible from the front, but they do not have a mark present anywhere else.

Applied signature plates can fall off of Chanel pieces, especially on pieces made during the 2000s.

The mark was also impressed into the mold material and is thus poorly formed and nearly illegible under magnification.

Example 1c Mark – Many elements of this mark found on Example 1a are illegible, including the CC logo.

It’s also been reported by industry insiders that some Chanel pieces were manufactured by a well-known New York company in the 1980s and given to employees by Chanel.

The earrings falling into this category do not have the quality of pieces made in France and sold in Chanel boutiques at that time. Technically, if they were commissioned and licensed by Chanel they are not fakes.

Example 1b Back – There is evidence that a mold for this cast pair of earrings was made by removing a clip back and impressing the earring into the molding material.

There are little oval bumps at the bottom and near the post that would not be there if these were finely crafted Chanel pieces made in France.The plating is worn as well, and Chanel used such thick gold plating that it rarely wears off in this manner.The absence of a signature cartouche on both earrings is also an indicator that they are not genuine Chanel.Most collectors know there are many, many earrings that have been counterfeited when it comes to Chanel designs.In fact, avid collectors run across more fake earrings than any other type of reproduced Chanel.What it really boils down to is that someone buying Chanel earrings, and investing a good sum to get them, wants a pair that was crafted for the fashion house in France (or in Italy in the early 2000s) and sold in one of their boutiques, not cheap knockoffs of any origin.

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