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Example 2b Back – These have a clip back that Chanel never used on authentic pieces made in France.They are also very light in weight and do not have the feel of authentic Chanel.

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But most vintage and collectible earrings from the 1970s through the ‘90s will have one of a number of different Chanel marks present whether incised into the earring or on an affixed cartouche or plate.

3) Worn plating – Genuine Chanel earrings will be plated using many mils of gold or silver.

2) Lack of Marks – Many Chanel fake earrings have a CC logo somewhere in the design visible from the front, but they do not have a mark present anywhere else.

Applied signature plates can fall off of Chanel pieces, especially on pieces made during the 2000s.

Some of them are more obvious fakes (see illustrations below), and others are copies that look pretty close to the originals.

People buy them from street vendors or flea markets, or perhaps order online, knowing they’re fake.

5) Light Weight – Authentic pieces made for Chanel and sold in their boutiques, especially pieces with marks dating them from the 1970s through the 1990s, were made with heavy base metal and thick gold plating.

They will have a thickness and weight to them that many counterfeits do not possess.

That’s not to say you won’t find a bargain from time to time, but extremely low prices are indeed a red flag.

actually looks fairly nice from the front, but examining the backs reveals that these are not authentic Chanel.

Even when they were worn repeatedly by the original owners, the finish holds up nicely and has a quality look to it.

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