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After graduating from the lycee he came to his mother's estate.

Two years passed and he came here again in order to have a rest after serious disease .

Soon after graduating from the lycee, he was given a sinecure in the Collegiums of Foreign Affairs in Petersburg.

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Pupils were prepared for high state career and had the rights of those who had graduated from the University.

Not very large number of pupils, the fact that the most of the professors were young, The humanitarian character of their pedagogical ideas, The spirit of honour and friendship created a special atmosphere in the lycee. The pupils of the lycee released their own magazines and paid much attention towards to their literary creation.

French governesses, his grandmother Maria Alexeevna and the famous nanny Arina Rodionovna took part in Pushkin`s behaviour. In 1811 he was selected to be among the thirty students in the first class at the lycee in Tsarskoye Selo.

The syllabus of the lycee was rather extensive, but not well thought out.

He was warmly received in literary circles; in circles of Guard-style lovers of wine, women, and song; and in groups where political liberals views in "revolutionary" poems, his ode "Freedom", "The village", and a number of poems on Alexander I and his minister Arackcheev. So, In April 1820, his political poems led to an interrogation by the Petersburg governor-general and then to exile to the South Russia, under the guise of an administrative transfer in the service.

At the same time he was working on his first large-scale work, Ruslan and Ludmila. Pushkin left Petersburg for Ekaterinoslave on May 6, 1820.

As he confessed himself, that was the place where he had changed his creative methods and his writing manner.

Mikhailovskoye is considered to be Pushkin`s poetical mother land.

Nicholas the first's death, the Decembrist Uprising , which took place soon after that changed Pushkin's fate very much.

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