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The additional benefit was that we gained a warm-hearted indi- vidual with a terrific sense of humor.

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A new vei*sion can bring out something si)e- cial that wasn't in the original mix." says Leslie Fram. "But unfor- tunately, when those versions aren't availaile to the public, it's a hindrance. Up-And-Comers ■ BY DOMINIC PRIDE LONDON— The odds (tf finding the next great British band at your local pub are slim.

1 just wish that more of them were being offerc Ml to the consumer." ((.'out in lied oil poffv . LInless, that is, you're having a pint in (.'anwlen "Town.

Although Poneman says that there have been no discussions about SRG becoming involved in marketing the Sub Pop catalog, he calls the concept "a potentially good idea." The deal with SRG will allow Sub Pop to "concentrate on A&R with the freedom to sign what they want," Stein says.

Once the (i'ontin lied on page HO) Monitors Editor In Chief Dies Hosten's Tenure Marked By Innovations Heston Hosten, editor in chief of Bill- board's four Airplay Monitor publications, died Nov.

Though it holds the future promise of more money being distributed more (|uickly. London WCIE 7AH 44 171 323-6686 tat 44-171 323-2314C316 Nashville 49 Music Squaie W. ispin 3-3262 7246 lax J3262 7247 ■ BILLBOARD ONLINE: http;//

right now it is a shai)e that is difficult to swallow. Nashville, TN 37203 61&-321 4290 tat 615-320-0454 Tokyo 10th Floor No 103 Sogo-Hirakawacho BUg . bill board, com 212-536-1402, ste'l® bill boa Bdbocrd Music Group PRESIDENT: HOWARD LANDER Senior VPi General Counsel: Georfpna C:ha Ois Vice Presidents: K.ire-n Oer Tley, Adam While Director of Stratc QC Development: Ken Schiaee* Business Manager: Joellen Sommei Sub Pop Pacts With Sire Records Group Deal Adds To Sirens A&R^ Sub Pop^s Distribution BY CRAIG ROSEN LOS ANGELES— In a move designed to give the newly formed Sire Records Group (SRG) an additional A&R source and Seat- tle-based Sub Pop more marketing muscle, the two companies have inked a pact for SRG to market and distribute certain Sub Pop releases.

Billboard and Airplay Monitor plan to estiiblish a fund in his honor, more details of which will be forthcoming.

Hosten is survi\'ed by his mother, Greta; his aunt.

When I started playing in 1985, 1 iwver thought I would see the day when a "legit" jxib- Ucation would give straight-up coverage of what was going on.

For me, this was a milestone moment to reflect on how' much drama and sac- rifice has gone down in the .scone all these years.

This month, you could predict — \rith imi certainty— that one of the hands on the bill at Camden's music pul)s an IN MUSIC NEWS U.

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