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Some of the women offer the option of cam chats, and others give rather more detail regarding their personal lives than you might expect — they mention that they have children, say, or are in education — but on the surface, the difference is subtle to say the least.

Free no money paid sex chat

Her potted bio: "I freelance my way through life, taking on various different jobs, which is the way I like it.

I like William Shakespeare and manatees.""Thats what makes My Girl Fund human," she says.

So it sounds like My Girl Fund was designed to be — and rather looks like — a porn site with added interactivity: an online Babestation, if you will. The more you talk to the women who are using the site, the more you realise something quite different and rather more complex is going on.

"Of course it's not just about sexy things, many guys and girls on the site want a friend.

Perhaps she's been cherry-picked for me by the site's administrators as someone they knew would give positive feedback on her experience.

But as I talk to more and more women, a relatively consistent and clear picture emerges of how and why they're using the site.[...] No one was getting the fact that guys wanted real interaction with girls and tools were now available to deliver that experience.Free porn was propagating like crazy and interaction was the one of the few things for which they were willing to pay."And when I offer them, they don't want them — just a friend/cyber girlfriend.For example, I've had a guy on My Girl Fund who was openly homosexual, who didn't want a romantic relationship with me, just an online friendship. "It's not like sex isn't to some extent a gateway: One woman I speak with has the username Holly Big Boobs.I know many that have recently had a loss in their family or just want to get away from reality of their day-to-day life, stress of their job, boredom, etc., and simply want to enjoy some female interaction, which is completely normal.

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