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They have the constant itch to think about what their professor thought of their answer in class, what chapter they need to read, or what paper they need to finish…it’s just the harsh reality that law school will always win over a date with you.

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If you’re lucky, 10 minutes on the phone with your sweetie is like Christmas morning (it only happens once a year).

The most revered communication in law school is the occasional text or G-chat.

This tidbit is more targeted to those that become serious.

And others are those 'arrangements' where the two meet, late at night, in the law school bathrooms, libraries, classrooms, or conference rooms for an intimate study session.

Hyperbole aside, Katie Marie makes a great point: School changes relationships irreversibly.

People change—as do their priorities and penchants—under the weight of realizing their dreams.

In between hours on their computer, Facebook is still their chosen form of procrastination…

Oh, and here’s a line you need to be familiar with: “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”3.

So, when most people are identifying themselves as boyfriend-girlfriend, my significant other had a key to my condo. But this is the pressure cooker syndrome that I am referring to, it goes quick.2. My 1L girlfriend sat several rows behind me in each of our classes and like almost all law students, instead of paying attention to the prof, Instant Messaging was taking place. This really is more of a matter of fact statement rather than something that you can work to control.

As I mentioned above, the two of us being in the hyper-relationship, had woken up that morning and for some reason started fighting. You have to be willing to deal with this; to put it another way: you are the celebrity and your classmates are the paparazzi. It's a steep hill to get over and it is possible, it just takes some work (and the desire to go through the same rigors that you faced in the last 1L relationship you were in).

And who hasn’t quoted Shakespeare’s “let’s kill all the lawyers” line?

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