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It appears to have been largely abandoned after the 1st century.

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The construction of Armagh Gaol began in 1780 and was extended in the 1840s and 1850s.

The front façade of the prison was built in the Georgian style, while the later development, based on the design of Pentonville (HM Prison), is Victorian.

In 1986 the prison closed and its prisoners were transferred to the new prison at Maghaberry.

The city is home to the Armagh Observatory, founded in 1790, and to the Armagh Planetarium, established in 1968 to complement the research work of the Observatory.

Its circular shape matches the modern street layout.

Evidence suggests that it was a pagan sanctuary and the successor to Navan. After Christianity spread to Ireland, the pagan sanctuary was converted into a Christian one, and Armagh became the site of an important church and monastery.

He was attacked with a grenade as he walked along Market Street and later died of his wounds.

Armagh, like most of Ireland, has a temperate maritime climate (Cfb) according to the Köppen climate classification system.

Armagh has been an educational centre since the time of Saint Patrick, and thus it has been referred to as "the city of saints and scholars".

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