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According to tradition, Saint Patrick founded his main church there in the year 457, and it eventually became the "ecclesiastical capital" of Ireland.Saint Patrick was said to have decreed that only those educated in Armagh could spread the gospel.

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Armagh is the site of two cathedrals, both on hills and both named after Saint Patrick.

The Church of Ireland cathedral dates back to around 445.

Its circular shape matches the modern street layout.

Evidence suggests that it was a pagan sanctuary and the successor to Navan. After Christianity spread to Ireland, the pagan sanctuary was converted into a Christian one, and Armagh became the site of an important church and monastery.

, meaning 'Macha's height') is the county town of County Armagh and a city in Northern Ireland, as well as a civil parish.

It is the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland – the seat of the Archbishops of Armagh, the Primates of All Ireland for both the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland.Eamhain Mhacha (or Navan Fort), at the western edge of Armagh, is believed to have been an ancient pagan ritual or ceremonial site.According to Irish mythology it was one of the great royal sites of Gaelic Ireland and the capital of Ulster.The nearest Met Office standard weather station, at Armagh Observatory, provides long term weather data back to 1844.During that time, the highest temperature to be recorded was 30.3 °C (86.5 °F) on 10 July 1934.Brian Boru is believed to be buried in the graveyard of the St. After having conquered the island during the 990s, he became High King of Ireland in 1002, until his death in 1014.

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