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When asked about the news that president Donald Trump is reportedly ending the funding for national arts and humanities programs, Dinklage responded: "It's always the first to go, isn't it?Art, then education: the two most important things," along with "climate, of course." Dinklage has a form of dwarfism, achondroplasia, which affects bone growth.

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; born June 11, 1969) is an American actor and film producer.

Dinklage studied acting at Bennington College, starring in a number of amateur stage productions.

After appearing in an episode of NBC's late-night sketch comedy Saturday Night Live in 2013, Dinklage hosted an episode of the show in April 2016; his appearances included a sketch of him and Gwen Stefani singing a new song called called "Space Pants." In 2014, Dinklage starred in the comedy horror film Knights of Badassdom opposite Ryan Kwanten and Steve Zahn.

The film is about three best friends that go to the woods and reenact a live action Dungeons & Dragons role play, when they mistakenly conjure up a demon from Hell.

The film tells the story of a director, crew, and cast filming a low-budget independent film in the middle of New York City.

Dinklage's role was that of a frustrated actor with dwarfism who complains about his clichéd roles.

According to co-star Bobby Cannavale, the film took three years to make and was not at first written with Dinklage in mind, Cannavale said Mc Carthy "set out to tell a story about a guy who was a train enthusiast who had chosen to isolate himself from the world," but when Mc Carthy actually started "putting pen to paper" for the screenplay he decided to write the role for him.

Speaking about the role, Dinklage noted that usually "roles written for someone my size are a little flat"—often either comical or "sort of Lord of the Rings" type characters filled with wisdom; further: "They're not sexual, they're not romantic" and "they're not flawed." What attracted him to the character Mc Carthy had written was that it was not one of the stereotypical roles people with dwarfism play; rather, Mc Bride has "romantic feelings" as well as "anger and ...

Dinklage turned down offers from talk shows to discuss the topic.

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