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Tears come to her eyes as she stands their shocked.Logan and the girl stop kissing and Logan looks up to see Quinn standing there crying." Chase asks."Yeah." Logan says."I don't know." Quinn says."You should come; it's going to be so much fun." Zoey says."Okay. Later at the Party Zoey, Lola and Quinn walk into the house and the party is in full swing.

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You've been through a lot lately." Lola says."You could say that." Quinn says."Wait does Logan know about the baby? I told him 2 weeks before he cheated on me." Quinn says."We'll help you through everything Quinn." Zoey says."Thanks guys. She just couldn't believe that he would cheat on Quinn like that."How long have you guys been back together?

You're the best." Quinn says."That's what friends are for." Lola says.

The truth was that Logan was going to break up with her the day he got back together with Leah but then she told him that she was pregnant and he couldn't do it after she told him that.

He was going to break up with Leah last night but then Leah and him started making out and that's when Quinn saw them.

You see nobody knows that they are dating so they have to do in secret. Chase and Zoey have been dating for the past 3 months."How's the homework?

" Zoey asks."Good." Quinn answers."So are you guys going to come to the party tonight?

When she gets there she collapses on her bed crying and thinking why did I have sex with him.

It was Quinn and Logan's 4 month anniversary and they were making out on Logan's bed.

The clothes were coming off and just before they took off their undergarments Logan asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?

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