Free liveweb sexcams - Radgrid not updating after delete

And with an Insert, when you're done, it just shows you the Gridview / removes the Detailsview.And even then, the new row does NOT appear until I select some row off the table (do another Postback).However, the Gridview itself is NOT updating with any changes I make (unless, of course, I close and reopen IE).

In other words, I had had: I had THOUGHT that those routines were somehow defined by the system by default.

But then it occurred to me: If that's true, why do I have the Details View1_Data Bound routine defined (and I KNOW that one is being fired).

You also need to set the Data Key Names property of the table views in the grid so that the insert, update, and delete operations perform as expected.

" Select Command="SELECT [Order ID], [Customer ID], [Employee ID], [Order Date], [Ship Name] FROM [Orders]" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [Orders] WHERE [Order ID] = @Order ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Orders] ([Customer ID], [Employee ID], [Order Date], [Ship Name]) VALUES (@Customer ID, @Employee ID, @Order Date, @Ship Name)" Update Command="UPDATE [Orders] SET [Customer ID] = @Customer ID, [Employee ID] = @Employee ID, [Order Date] = @Order Date, [Ship Name] = @Ship Name WHERE [Order ID] = @Order ID" The following articles describe how to configure some of the more common Data Source controls: For a tutorial that uses automatic CRUD operations feature, see Add controls to column templates.

And the command to do that in those routines worked "as advertised" on the tons of forum posts and replies I'd originally found on this issue: Grid View1.

Data Bind(); So now, after inserting, deleting, or updating, the Gridview is automatically refreshing. I put a breakpoint and some debug statements into them (since I've been occasionally uncommenting-lines-out and trying to do the data rebind in there) and it doesn't look to me like they're ever getting called? Selecting any of the rows in Gridview results in a click, but that's about it.The Detailsview doesn't appear or load up the record. Only now some of the controls on the Details View no longer work.I had it rigged so that when you selected off the dropdown that is the first real field, another drop-down further on down is populated and certain fields become visible or invisible, based on that selection. And if I fill out the record completely anyways and click "Insert", nothing happens.So, seems like this is having a lot of fallout elsewhere in my code. After an example edit, this resulted in the OLD DATA once again reappearing in the grid.I put an Alert message in there and it actually seemed to pop-up "under the right conditions" when I left out the "not".) I'm not finding much else on possible solutions (although there do seem to be a lot of people who encounter this sort of issue). And I can no longer select a row and have it populate the Details View.

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