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So, after adding those defintions in there, I was able to remove that "if Is Post Back" from my Page_Load routine...and totally rely on rebinding from within Item Inserted, Item Updated, Item Deleted.

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Radgrid not updating after delete

You also need to set the Data Key Names property of the table views in the grid so that the insert, update, and delete operations perform as expected.

" Select Command="SELECT [Order ID], [Customer ID], [Employee ID], [Order Date], [Ship Name] FROM [Orders]" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [Orders] WHERE [Order ID] = @Order ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Orders] ([Customer ID], [Employee ID], [Order Date], [Ship Name]) VALUES (@Customer ID, @Employee ID, @Order Date, @Ship Name)" Update Command="UPDATE [Orders] SET [Customer ID] = @Customer ID, [Employee ID] = @Employee ID, [Order Date] = @Order Date, [Ship Name] = @Ship Name WHERE [Order ID] = @Order ID" The following articles describe how to configure some of the more common Data Source controls: For a tutorial that uses automatic CRUD operations feature, see Add controls to column templates.

But I still had my "New Event" button, so I tried creating a new record.

That works (as before), but the Gridview still doesn't get updated.

And with an Insert, when you're done, it just shows you the Gridview / removes the Detailsview.

And even then, the new row does NOT appear until I select some row off the table (do another Postback).

I'm happy to report I figured out the problem / resolution.

I decided to take a step back this morning and look at why, even though database inserts, updates, and deletes were working, I knew from testing that my Details View1_Item Inserted, Item Updated, and Item Deleted routines were NOT firing. From the main book of ASP that I've been learning from and from various tutorials and examples online, I didn't THINK I had to go POINT TO these routines in my definition for my Details View.

and the behavior is the same: The Gridview doesn't really update until you click on another row in the Grid. I had thought perhaps the fact that an Edit / Update required two clicks had something to do with the fact that maybe the Edit wasn't "finished" somehow.

I mean, when you're done with an edit, it just shows you the Detailsview again with all the fields being uneditable. But I just tried an Insert just now as being the first thing I did after loading up the app.

Say, when I create, edit, or delete a record from Details View...

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