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If the screens aren’t positioned well or the text is too small to read, you’re missing a trick at impressing your audience and giving them something amazing to watch while they wait or browse.More importantly, a poorly positioned screen or a crazy font that no one can decipher may provide the impression that your company’s slightly sloppy and doesn’t care about its customers.

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With a cost-effective consumer grade screen such as a Smart Android TV, Screen Cloud can provide you with a powerful system of apps that turns your TV into a digital sign.

Even without a smart TV, you can use your faithful old screen with a fairly cheap Amazon Fire TV Stick to get things up and running.

For first impressions, the screen content displayed could have a huge affect on the way your customers or clients build an impression within that crucial first 60 seconds.

To ensure you’re making the most of the first impressions projected by the screens in your office, store or restaurant, ask yourself these four questions: If not, why?!

Restaurants, shops and even offices all need serious thought to ensure that the moment a customer or client walks through the door, the first five seconds are used wisely. Screens are one of the first things a customer or client is exposed to within a physical setup.

Screens draw the gaze while a visitor is waiting in line at reception, sitting before an interview or browsing a menu within a restaurant.

Even if you’ve never spoken to the person or been exposed to them for longer than five minutes, you can still create valid associations about their character in your mind. Carney et al used 334 judges to make decisions on 30 targets to see what type of information could be garnered in the thinnest slice of time.

They realized that people can determine if someone is an extravert, if they are conscientious and what their level of intelligence is - all within five seconds of meeting them (five seconds is barely enough time to blink three times for comparison).

Screen Cloud’s apps make it easy to rotate content, create playlists and get customers on board with what really makes your company stand out.

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